Opening exhibition event at Shimon Buzaglo Studio

Eyal Shifron, Gal Zick, Alisa Sheinson

August 20, 2019

On August 20, 2009, at a fascinating opening event, an art exhibition was first exhibited at Shimon Buzaglo’s studio. The event included three exhibitions by three different artists and an Performance art. The studio’s art exhibitions aim to promote Israeli art and Israeli artists. The exhibition is the first of a series of exhibitions featuring original works of art by leading Israeli artists alongside beginners.
Shimon Buzaglo felt the need to connect the world of  art and the world of design and promote collaborations that could benefit the local scene .
Performance made by Eyal Chifron and Joseph Levy
Eyeliner Chiffon EXI דוס
Gal Zick ONE
Alisa Sheinson Lighting Sculptures

Shavuot Holiday Event at Shimon Buzaglo Studio

Shimon Buzaglo Studio collaborates with Itay Ram

June 20, 2019

On Tuesday, 20.5.2019, at Shimon Buzaglo Studio, we celebrated Shavuot holiday in white. Close friends, interior designers and architects attended the event.. The event was  produced in collaboration with Itay Ram and took place on the studio roof, where we served cheese and fine wine. Feel free to take a look at photos from the event.

Monthly evening events for Architects and Interior Designers

Studio Simon Buzaglo hosted the Alfresco Cabinet

April 30, 2019

On Tuesday, 30.4.2019, as part of monthly evening events we hold in the studio for architects and interior designers, we hosted the Alfresco Cabinet, which includes architects, interior designers and project supervisors. Among the guests were Edna Mor, Ruth Arad ,Michi Setter, Michele Simeone and others. Dinner was served for the first time on the studio roof, which was just recently adapted for hosting and events.

Catering “Skitsa” served excellent dishes and kept the atmosphere pleasant and tasty.

The professional content held this evening by our guests dealt with substantive and professional issues in the field of construction.

We were happy to host this evening and to make close acquaintance.

“Gender in the world of architecture and design” evening lecture by Dr. Eli Mizrah in Shimon Buzaglo exhibition hall

Studio Simon Buzaglo hosted the ARCDB architects and designers community for International Women’s Day.

March 26, 2019

On Tuesday eve., 26.3.2019, we dedicated a special evening reviewing women designers and architects works following the occasion of International Women’s Day that has taken place this month. The event is one of the aspects of great cooperation and friendship between the Studio Shimon Buzaglo and ARCDB, the marketing platform that Dr.Eli Mizrahi, Elad Gergir and Guy Goodes founded. Dr. Eli Mizrahi presented a fascinating lecture on gender in the world of architecture and design, and Shimon Buzaglo presented recent commercial  projects and developments  of the studio. This evening is one of a series of spring events that is taking place once a month in the studio. Thanks to all participants.

workshop in the new exhibition hall of the designer and creator Shimon Buzaglo

Studio Simon Buzaglo hosted the Alfresco community for a B2B workshop held by Neta Sorotzky

February 27, 2019

Studio Simon Buzaglo hosted the Alfresco community for a B2B workshop held by Neta Sorotsky on 27.2.2019.

Architects, Designers and Creators participated in the event.

Neta Sorotzky, a worldwide business consultant from ‘Sorotzky Moving Mountains’ company, gave a fascinating businesses workshop which dealt with practical steps and important marketing tools for small businesses.

This is the first event in the new exhibition hall of the designer and creator Shimon Buzaglo. At the site, libraries, illuminated walls, furnitures of wood and brass combined in new techniques. Brass kitchen, origin art- all as part of an authentic design statement.

Original metals and carpentry and new materials developed in the studio.

The design line of the artist Shimon Buzaglo, as shown in the exhibition hall, gives inspiration to create innovative designs and products.